My son recently found my Kau Cim Chien Tung bucket. Based on the I Ching, these sticks are an ancient version of fortune-telling. “It is generally said that a person’s future becomes his past through the present: the successful man is one who understands well what has happened, experiences acutely what is happening, and comprehends what is indicated in the future.”

Brantley made his wishes, grabbed the bucket, and shook.

– I WISH mommy would play Scramble [Scrabble] the ‘Brantley way.’
– I WISH I could drive a car.
– I WISH mommy would read all the old, serious books with me.
– I WISH I was older and could drive a minivan.
– I WISH it could be morning all day.
– I WISH I could be a racecar driver.
– I WISH dad would let me watch Stars Wars every day.

What if we all wished for something simple – attainable – like health and happiness – or joy? What would happen if we worked hard to make those wishes come true? I believe we have the power to shape our future; it all begins with a wish. I mean, a bucket of little wooden sticks can’t be wrong…right?



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