When your child asks, “hey, do you want to see…” The answer should be “yes!” You never know what they have in store.

Hey, do you want to see…

…me kick this ball really hard?
…all the mushroom roots I just dug up?
…a dead bug?
…a dead bug’s wing that fell off?
…me dance to Deadmau5?
…all these really cool mushrooms?
…how many books I can hold?
…how hard I can rock out on my drum?
…me read a book in one day?
…this really big poop that just came out of my butt?
…a really cute toad?
…this dead worm?
…me do a trick on my skateboard?
…this motorcycle do a long jump?
…this awesome fort I just built?
…me eat all my dinner?
…awesome bike tricks?
…me work on this cool puzzle?
…me make Georgia laugh?

Yes, the answer is yes.

What if we said ‘yes’ more often? Would we open ourselves up to opportunities unknown, broaden our community, expose ourselves to new experiences? I guess we won’t know unless we say…



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