You can learn a lot from a 3-year-old.  Case and point:  the following are quotes from the past few months, all said in a very definitive manner.

“We don’t want goats eating our pillows.  But, it’s ok; they don’t live around here.”

“Mommy, I love you more than a lover machine.  A lover machine loves you a whole, whole, whole, whole lot.  I love you more than that.”

“Do you want a pteranodon with a two-inch head?” “No, thank you, ” I replied.

“I feel like a hundred ants are crawling on me.”

“There is a lot going on inside your body. The baby is moving.  Your heart is beating.  Muscles are moving.”

“You are a “fun” fun guy.  But we are looking “fung” fungi.  Get it?”

“Where can I buy the Candy Crush app?”

“You know what is very serious?  We don’t take a light bulb out of a lamp if it is still working.  Unh huh.  No way!.”

“This is my property.  I am trying to make a machine with my property to make money.”

“Can I give the baby a head bump?  A soft head bump, like this!”

“The jets have taken apart this runway, and it is our job to fix it!  Come on!”

“The tornado is 80 miles away.  It is going to tear down this house.  We need to press all of these buttons to save it!”

“Right when the baby comes out can I have a Hershey Kiss?”

To the last question I, of course, replied “yes.”


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