The Inspired Life

During this time of year it is easy for most to find inspiration. The holidays bring forth our innate need to give, to show we care for others. The end of the year renews faith in ourselves. We become convinced that we can do more – do better – in the new year even though we know deep down that we won’t. There is a renewed sense of hope.

This year has been a trying one for our family. We’ve experienced some highs and pretty low of lows. To be honest, I can’t wait for 2013 to be over.

So, when a co-worker sent me a link to a local marketing company who was hosting an “inspirational” campaign, I was interested. Their website reads…”Here at Mottis, we consider inspiration a basic survival need, like food. And air. And water. (And cupcakes.) It’s part of what drives, directs and invigorates us. This holiday season, we invite you to join our quest in seeking out and sharing inspiration.”

So, I did.

We were given a list of thirty words, each assigned to a day. The task? Snap a pic that symbolizes that word and post on Instagram. Easy enough, yes. However, this simple campaign proved to be just what I needed – an injection of inspiration.


Where have you found inspiration this holiday season?



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