The RDU Baton is based on the NYC Baton.  It is a collaborative social media project that documents everyday life in a given location.  I carried the baton on Monday, November 11th, and it was an awesome experience.  It is hard to capture all of your favorite local spots in 6-8 photos much less make them visually stimulating and artistic.  However, I gave it a shot.  Below are my shots from the day.


My morning started off with a parent teacher conference at a local Montessori school. Raleigh has a large Montessori school as well as a lot of pre-school aged facilities. These are wonderful educational opportunities for our children. For those interested, there is a local couple that hand makes Montessori toys: Essential Montessori.

veterans day

Happy Veterans Day! A co-worker and I started this 800 flag display last year to honor the veterans who work and study at NC State. It is a small salute with, hopefully, a big visual impact.


Raleigh is a very hip area, and my husband I rely on Lux Salon to keep us in style. We’ve been going there since they opened. The owners, four sisters, are amazing. The stylists are fantastic – we see Kendra! This image is a fantastic art piece on their back wall. Wouldn’t we all love to be this stunning?


My favorite coffee shop, hands down, is Benelux Cafe in City Market. They now have two locations at which you can indulge in wafels, cookies, and drinks. They have the Best chai latte in town. You can also find some good local art (a few of my pieces were on display earlier this year)!


Even though they were closed, I had to include Blake Street Shops & Studios in my  photo lineup. Amplified Art is an awesome frame and rock poster shop. Prices and quality are both great. If you’ve never stopped by – you should. Ryan, the owner, is awesome and a rock poster expert!

design box

Every alcohol bottle deserves a robot sweater. Whether you like Chewbacca, cicadas, clutches or cartoons – Design Box has something unique for you. Robot by Freaker USA.

too late

I arrived about 10 minutes late to get a stellar sunset photo.  However, I was still able to post a sunset over Raleigh with the NC State Challenge Course in the distance.


Finally home; time to set the mood. Many of our records are from Schoolkids Records on Hillsborough Street. They are always our go-to location on Record Store Day. Looking forward to seeing them prosper in their new location.

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