big brother class

We’ve reached the 32 week mark.  Georgia is doing well.  She is kicking up a storm and loves to settle down into my right side.  My weight gain is less than my first pregnancy – but I still have a few weeks to go!  We continue to include Brantley in conversations about the baby.  This week we attended a Big Brother class at the hospital.  He learned how to hold a baby, how to deal with his emotions as well as the important fact that babies drink milk; they don’t eat food.  So, share your baby toys, not your food!  Below are some recent quotes from the kid himself:

You know what the family of bad screws do? They fight. They fight all day and night. That’s bad.

ME: What smells?
HIM: The scat. The scat outside smells.

Apples have skin just like people!

We are joining the graham cracker revolution!

You toot a lot, mommy.  We are the Fart Masters!

Sour Patch Kids are good for you! They have protein.

Food is bad for you.

(there seems to be some confusion here)

I got some spices on my lip (after tasting a margarita)

The dinosaurs say “get into nature.” So, that’s what we do – go get into nature and make discoveries.


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