front & center

My son’s random thoughts have become much more profound. He has grasped the basic concept of life and death, even though he swears that lady bugs never die.

Below are some recent quotes from the 3-year-old himself.

ECONOMICS: “I work for change to buy doughnuts. I buy them on my computer,” as he types on his Apple keyboard, no monitor attached.

EULOGY: “This bug had a good family and a nice life. He was happy, and then he died.”

EPIPHANY: “No one in this house should walk by the piggy signs. I mean the real piggy signs – not imaginary ones. The piggies will ‘gobble-li-gook’ you up.”

EXCREMENT: “I have to go poop. Would you like to watch me?”

EVOLUTION: “If a butterfly was a caterpillar, what were we?”

EDUCATION: “Mommy, you know there aren’t any volcanos in North Carolina, which is where we live. North Carolina in the United States in North America. Yeah, that’s where we live!”

EMOTION: “Mommy, will you protect me if a tornado comes?” “Yes, my love,” I replied, “of course I will protect you. I will always protect you, me and daddy both will.”

Sometimes it takes a simple statement from a child to bring the important things back into focus.


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