This has been a busy week for the Barbour family.

1) Last week the baby kicked and actually moved my belly. Brantley saw it move and was mesmerized. He climbed into my lap and just stared at my belly. It was adorable.

2) We had blood work done for the PENTA screening. As with Brantley, this baby came back showing high risk for Down Syndrome. So, Jason and I went to a genetic counselor to have a closer look. Good news, the baby looks healthy & spunky. More good news: We are having a GIRL!

3) As a way to include Brantley in the family-expansion process, I regularly ask for his opinions. Brantley wants to name the baby “baby baby” or “baby McCarl.” He also wants her room decorated in pink with lots of ‘moo cows’ and ‘milk cows.’ hmmm…. we may have to find other ways to incorporate his advice.

4) I am constantly impressed with a child’s ability to retain information. Brantley has been dropping some pretty big words lately; incorporating, maintain, simulate, and correlation. He has yet to master their meaning, but he is on the right track.

5) Quote of the Week: “Mommy’s butt is eating her underwear.” Lovely.

6) Brantley and I went on nature walk at the North Carolina Museum of Art this weekend. Grandma and Grandpa Guglielmi bought him a safari vest, and Brantley wanted to put it to good use. So, we ventured out in search of rocks and dead bugs. What was scheduled to be an hour walk turned into 2.5 hours…walking…pregnant with a 3 yr. old. Below are some shots from our walk. If you can predict a person’s career path based upon 3 yr. old preferences, I choose geologist, entomologist, or volcanologist.


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