Brantley calls these “blow flowers.”  They are the newest addition to our nature walks.  Each time we find one, I encourage Brantley to make a wish as he blows the flower.  When I ask him what he wished for he replies, “flowers.”  Brantley picked up a Dora book at the library about a falling star.  It ends with the “Star Light, Star Bright” rhyme.  We made a wish on Little Star.  When I asked Brantley what he wished for he replied, “stars.”

I don’t think he has grasped the concept of “wishing,” but have any of us?  I mean, we wish on stars,  eyelashes, number sequences, dates, and candles.  Where do all of those wishes go?  We have fictitious characters for every American event  – teeth, Easter, Christmas, sleeping, & cookie-sneaking.  Why isn’t there a character who receives our wishes?

Have any of your wishes come true?


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