This weekend marks our 13 week point. Feelin’ good. Poison ivy is gone, and I’ve actually lost four pounds (thanks to summer conferences). Last week I had intense cravings for sweets. Tonight I’d love to partake in a thick, hoppy ale. I guess I’ll settle for an apricot popsicle.

Brantley seems mildly interested in the baby and points to my belly when referring to “him.” We’re trying to chat about the new family dynamic but don’t want to force it.  For those interested in the baby-bump progression, here you go. Not much progress. As a shout-out to my sister – she made my lovely green romper during high school in the 1980’s. Yes, I still wear it…proudly.

Barefoot & Pregnant

Barefoot & Pregnant

For those of you familiar with “Fox in Socks”,  Brantley busted out some science on Dr. Seuss this week. One fun tongue-twister refers to “tweetle beetles” and their epic battles. Now, we’ve read this book dozens of times. Yet, one of our new favorite books is on insects. Put the two books together and you’ll find a three-year-old who quickly pointed out that the tweetle beetles illustrated in “Fox in Socks” are not actually beetles.


“How do you know?” I asked. “Well, beetles are insects. Insects have 6 legs and 3 body parts. A ladybug is a beetle, which is also an insect.  These guys only have four legs. They are not beetles.”  He was right, and I was proud.

Till week 14, enjoy a large chai latte for me.



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