My husband, Jason, spent the first two years of Brantley’s life at home with him.  Everyday they would learn, play, grow, and explore together.  It is fun to see how Brantley has grown over the last three years; how his tastes have changed, and how his personality has evolved.  Kids are fun, aren’t they?  As we celebrate Father’s Day, I am especially excited to spend this day with my husband.  We couldn’t ask for a better gift on Father’s Day than a new baby Barbour.

Jason and I expecting our newest addition on December 27th (I know, right – what timing!)

YES: We want to know the sex.

NO: We do not have names picked out.

I DON’T KNOW: We’ve told Brantley, but we’re not sure he fully understands what a new baby really means. We’re working on it.

I’ll continue to post updates on this blog.  Topics will include: weight gain, farts, food cravings, a farewell to high heels, funny shapes of the belly-button, weeping fits over commercials, and intense anger over Burger King not having enough dipping sauce.  Stay Tuned!

Happy Father’s Day, Jason!



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