road to covington

I would like to make a formal announcement to all of my friends, family and passers-by.  When the world ends I have been instructed to head to Convington , VA.  Be it nuclear attack, global warming or aliens…follow this map.

Why Covington, VA, you ask? Last night a friend of mine made it clear she believes the world will end, more than likely by a nuclear attack.  So, she asked me to put an address into my contact list, an address of an old family home.  I obliged.  I asked if the house was “prepped” for an actual end-of-the-world event, a la, doomsday-prepper-style.  No, the house is not prepped; rather it is quaint and scenic.

Doomsday invites are less common than invites to bridal showers and Tupperware parties, and this is the only doomsday invite I’ve received.  So, I thought it wise to have a plan.  Well, I don’t have a plan – simply an address.

So, this is where we will head when the world ends, unless we get another invite – preferably to Hawaii.


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