the croods

We’ve never been a family that shielded Brantley from the TV.  Discovery, Disney, Science Channel, UNC-TV, and ESPN are all family favorites.  Brantley has also been allowed to watch age-appropriate movies; who doesn’t love Cars and UP?

Last night, however, was a brand new experience.

The cinema.

Now, I am not a fan of the movies.  To be honest, I think the last movie I saw in the theatre was Sherlock Holmes at The Rialto in 2009.  I was pregnant – very pregnant, and I actually snuck half of a cheese pizza from the neighboring pizzeria into the theatre.  Pizza.  I snuck pizza into the theatre.

I snuck food into the theatre last night (who doesn’t, right?) but this time it was raisins, a granola bar, fruit leather and cinnamon graham crackers.  Brantley and I agreed that these were the perfect snacks to watch the The Croods…in 3D.

The place was packed, and we had to sit apart from our friends.  They were lucky enough to sit in the second row.  The staff directed us to the first.  Now, sitting in the first row is a bit of a challenge by itself.  Add the challenge of watching a movie in 3D with a 3-year-old and I prepared myself for a long 2 hours.

It flew by.  The movie was great, perfect for a first-timer.  It was action packed but nothing too scary.  It had cool animals, mountains and – most importantly – lava.  What else could a little boy want?  Brantley was wonderfully behaved; he talked less than the 15-year-old beside me.  We devoured the secret snack stash, and – best of all – Brantley had a great experience.  He even came home with souvenir glasses and a Croods poster.

Time to mark another successful “first” in the memory book.



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