I realized today was St. Patrick’s Day when I strolled into City Market and saw a sea of green.  Our daily schedule did not include celebrating the holiday at hand, but we certainly started the day off with all of my favorite things; breakfast at Big Ed’s, a stop in Amplified Art to see Ryan, and a chai latte from Benelux Cafe.  Next stop? Durham.

Today was Family Day at The Nasher Museum of Art.  The Nasher is certainly not the largest museum in the Triangle.  However, its great staff, spunk, and family oriented events make this museum a Barbour favorite.  Brantley’s first choice was the gallery hunt.  We came prepared with his “hunting flashlight” in hopes of finding all of the clues in the Sherlock-Holmes inspired adventure.  Hunt successful; stickers awarded!  Next, we ventured over to the classrooms to construct beautiful tissue-paper collages as well as a partake in a paper craft activity.

We designed our own crowns, saw amazing photography, hung out with friends, splurged on a book of Picasso postcards, and even had the chance to have our pictures taken in a single-seat photo booth.

Every morning I ask Brantley if he is “ready to face the day.”  I consider this day conquered!



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