south america

"that guy has no shoes."

“that guy has no shoes.”

:: quotes from a 3-year-old ::

“South America is far, far away – like, volcano far away.”

“Is Barack Obama from South America or Hawaii? There are volcanoes in Hawaii.  Yeah, there are.”

“I looked out the window and there was nothing.  Just dirt.  So, I parked my car in the mud to avoid the volcanoes.”

“Do trains drive in South America?”

“I think South America is really, really far away. I would rather go to South America than a volcano.”

“You know, at lunch, when you make me a peanut butter sandwich –  I take the sandwich apart and lick the jelly.  Sometimes I take a bite.”  “Really?” I ask.  “Nah, I’m just joking.”

“My new teacher’s name is Ms. Lunchmeat.” (Ms. Luxmi)

“Hey, I love that guy!  We were just talkin’ about you.  That guy is – the – best!”

“It’s not laughing time.”

“Who is that guy?  His eyes are mean.”

“It’s not beef time yet.  That’s later.”

“I am the Volcano Master!”

“Hey, Look!  That’s my volcano band-aid. Yeah, I use it to make volcanoes go away.”

“Yeah, this is my volcano thingy. I use it to shoot volcanoes.”

“Can I pee in the shower, mommy?”



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