it even sings.

it even sings.

Tonight my son pooped in his underwear right in front of me and his father. It wasn’t malicious. However, as he played with the LED light on his brand new bike, we could tell something was amiss. He gets this faraway look in his eyes when he commits to crapping himself. I don’t mean to be crass – but it is what it is. He is old enough to make rational decisions. He decided that he would rather feel the warm ooze of poop leave his butt and let the stinky heat warm his undercarriage than say “mommy, I need to poop.” The reward of a tasty Hershey’s Kiss is no longer enticing. Shitting on the spot was the trend this evening.

I was furious, to say the least.

We had spent such a nice evening together playing trains on his new train table and rockin’ out to Deadmau5. We had an impromptu drum lesson with tape spots on the drum head. We built a city from Legos. He knocked down the city Godzilla-style. Then the poop.

I immediately took away all of his trains. Yes, I took the trains away before I cleaned him up. He chose to poop himself; he can sit in it for a minute. He waddled after me to his playroom where he begged to keep his trains. “I’m sad, mommy. I’m sad,” he said as I wrapped the trains in a bag and stuck them in the laundry room.

“This is a direct result of your actions,” I told him. I don’t know if he understood me.

Brantley will be 3 years old next month. His inability to use one of the greatest inventions ever is preposterous. One basic principle remains – the basic principle I have been drilling into him since 18 months old – “we pee and poop on the potty. We do not go to the bathroom in our underwear.” He can recite it back to you. He is pretty good about peeing on the potty, but we have a definite poop block. Something so simple has become complex.

This is the hardest parenting hurdle I’ve experienced. The persistence, the bribing, the teaching, the constant questioning, the clean-up…it is all too much.

What was your trick? Rewards? A timer? Peer Pressure? Discipline? Nudity? Please share….maybe your trick will work in our house.

One thought on “potty

  1. christine

    Ella loved stickers, wanted to stick them on anything and everything. Needless to say, that was not allowed! However, when she used her potty chair, i allowed her to personalize it with the stickers. She was thrilled, and it worked.


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