Bath time was a bit of a chore tonight.  For some odd reason my son is suddenly afraid of “big bubbles”.  He had a melt down in the bath over bubbles…not bubble bath, mind you…just bubbles from the water.

Post-bubble therapy morphed into upside down time which evolved into naked picnic time with daddy.  The menu, you ask?

PICNIC I: french fries, bubble gum & fried bananas

PICNIC II: re-fried beans & re-fried french fries

PICNIC III: re-fried waffles

I think we have been going to Gonza Tacos & Tequila a bit too often.  He has re-fried on the brain.

Naked picnic time morphed into a frantic hunt to “find the baby.”  Which baby, you ask?  I have no clue.  We ran around the house at full sprint looking for the baby.  Brantley led us to the garage door where he assured me the baby was hiding.

BABY I: a golf ball from the garage

BABY II: a tiny stuffed lion from his bedroom

BABY III: a small stuffed animal that could either be a blue fuzzy farmer or hippy – not sure.  Either way Brantley deemed this baby “scary.”  We had to get the “yellow taxi cab from New York” to save us.

BABY IV: a pair of underwear from the clean laundry basket

BABY V: his favorite basketball jersey

Now, I know kids can be weird – but tonight was the motherload of oddities.



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