Today was your typical lazy afternoon. Rain splashed on the patio as the dog looked longingly out the front window. Today provided the perfect excuse to “do nothing.” As fate would have it – we already had plans for this rainy day. Important plans. Long talked about plans.

Today – was the live Fresh Beat Band concert.

There was no turning back. The tickets were purchased months in advance. The daily parental conversation had taken place. “Brantley, do you know what we are doing in three days? In two days? Tomorrow? TODAY!”

So, as the family napped, I packed my North Face raincoat as if I were going to battle: pull-up, wipes, variety of snacks, cash, license, phone, mints, band aids, hand sanitizer and the tickets. With my hair in a ponytail, and my cowboy Rain Bops rainboots on, I decided it was time to wake the family.

They were not excited. Disappointment.

60 minutes, and some coercing, later – we were on the road. By this time the concert had already started, and the rain was still going. The moment we stepped out of the parking garage the rain stopped. Wonderful. Things were looking up. We found our seats with much excitement. I was stoked to see the FBB live on stage. They rock! Because we were late, we only saw 1/2 of the first ‘set.’

Rain trickled during set break, but was far from brutal. Brantley snacked as mom & dad snapped some pics.

We saw the band run through the rain to backstage with their Rock Star jackets on. I was more excited than my son. It made me think, did I force us to come to an outdoor concert in the rain because I wanted to come or because I thought Brantley wanted to come? Deep down, I knew the answer.

‘Rock Star’ rocked the start of set 2. It was such a fun show. The band had great energy despite the bad weather and long tour. I expected them to have that ‘what town are we in again mentality?” If they did, it certainly didn’t show. Confetti sprayed, beach balls bounced and the hard core 5-year old fans rocked out until the end of the show.

At the end of the day, we paid $97 for our son to attend a concert. He didn’t dance. He didn’t sing. He stood on a chair staring at the band, memorized by them, by the fact that people he sees on TV are here, in Raleigh, in person. If I were to do a cost benefit analysis, I think I would have negative ROI. But I am still glad we went.

However – I had fun, Brantley has something to talk about at school, and dad – well, I’m not sure.

Tomorrow: International Festival of Raleigh & the Caniacs Carnival. Next weekend – we sleep.

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