bikes 1.0


Last week I embarked on a new creative project. The title is still anamorphic, but the concept has congealed into something only I really seem to ‘get.’ My favorite coffee shop, Benelux Cafe, inspired this project – with its homage to vintage bikes combined with local art on a monthly rotation. I know, I know; snapping shots of bikes is hardly an original idea. However, I am taking a slightly off-beaten approach in my photography.

I took to the streets of downtown Raleigh with my Sony and macro lens on the hunt for bikes with stories. Thanks to Palm Avenue and Scout & Molly’s for letting me crash their stores, to Bruno the Raleigh Police Officer, and to the guy on the patio of The Flying Saucer.

In the coming weeks I hope to meet new, interesting characters (and their owners) who don’t mind having their picture taken. If you happen to own, know of, or have spotted a bike with story to tell – please let me know.

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