For once in my life I was able to donate blood.  I signed up for a campus-wide blood drive – appointment and all.  I was nervous, really nervous.  I don’t have any issue receiving shots, receiving an IV or even a catheter (when numbed) – but seeing my blood course out of my body freaks me out.

In all honesty (shh – don’t tell anyone) I always used my weight as an excuse for not donating.  I have constantly weighed between 98-103 lbs.  Now that I am 110+ (and still coping with that change), I no longer have an excuse.  So – it is my time to give back.

My first experience took over 3 hours; the wait did not help my anxiety.  However, once I passed all of the tests, I was proud to be donating.  The nurses were nice, the volunteers were energetic, and the staff was enthusiastic. I was happy to be laying in that chair.

While I still struggle with the new weight (again, over 110 lbs), I vow to help others.  I vow to donate blood.  Give me a few months…even a year.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Yet, my goal is to donate 4 times over the next 12 months.  According to the Red Cross, that could save 12 lives.  A commitment I am willing to make.



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