The Barbours have a family tradition on Sunday mornings; we travel to downtown Raleigh, eat at our favorite Southern breakfast joint, grab a tasty chai latte and end our journey at Krispy Kreme.  Even though this tradition varies a little from week to week, one constant remains: the unbridled joy Brantley expresses upon pulling into the tiny parking lot in front of the red glowing “Hot Now” sign.

He is delighted.  He squeals, shakes his hands up and down, and radiates joy through his expressive grin.

“Brantley, which doughnut would you like this morning?”  “SPRINKLES!” he exclaims.  He excitement is contagious, and I can’t help but smile with him.

This morning I reflected in; what do I find delightful?  What makes me squeals with delight?

– The moment the lights dim at your favorite concert, when you know that an awesome evening of rock n’ roll is about to commence.

– Hearing the bass riff of a song that hasn’t been played in years, knowing that you are there to witness the true epic-ness of the show.

– The moment you reach the top of a park’s tallest coaster, knowing that in seconds you will feel weightless.

– Seeing a frog in the grass.  Seriously, I love frogs; I will chase it, catch it, hold it captive until a rational adult makes me take it home.

What do you find delightful?  What creates that knot deep in your stomach; a knot filed with anticipation, excitement or joy?  We should each have something delightful in our lives, something delightful to look forward to.  Don’t you agree?



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