It’s hot. I mean, it is muggy and sticky and icky outside. The air is thick; it feels dense, like a sauna. After work, all I want to do is sit inside with an icy beverage and relax.

My reality: nature walks, nature jogs, pinecone pick-up, kickball, golf and basketball – none of which take place inside.

There are not enough popsicles, chilled brew or large fans to make playing in 100+ heat enjoyable. A son’s giggle helps; a big hug after twenty minutes of running around the neighborhood helps. Hearing “I love you mommy” is, perhaps, the best reward a mother can receive.

Yes, it is hot. Yes, my legs are devoured by mosquito bites. Yes, my shoes are muddy from playing in the dirt. All worth it. Memories created now are ones I will keep forever. Moments created today will outlast the bad times yet to come.

So, bring it on heat, rain and humidity. We’re ready.



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