May has been the month of design on Hammersmith Drive.

My box-o-fun for Chronicle Books is set to ship this weekend [fingers crossed].

I recently finished and shipped a custom designed piece for Brooklyn Rose.

Brantley did such a wonderful job finger painting that his piece was mildly deconstructed, framed and is prominently displayed in a Raleigh guest bedroom.

My wonderful children’s story “The Happiest Unhappy Day” is currently being illustrated by the amazing Andy Garate of some small town called Las Vegas.

I’ve been invited to showcase a design series in my favorite coffee shop. The subject of this photo catalog will be bicycles: up close and personal.

I have so many stories and projects on the back burner. Yet, Jason keeps me grounded by reminding me that a sense of accomplishment comes from finishing projects, not by simply starting them. So – let’s see how far I get this month. Who knows, maybe June will be the month of publication!

Till next time – keep smelling those flowers, and remember, dandelions are flowers not weeds. Why? Because they believe it to be so.



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