Toddlers can say the funniest – or most random – things. Below is a “best moments of” transcript from the last 2 months.

“Wanna toss the boobies!”
“Don’t eat the people!”
“Eat the doggie?”
“That’s the biggest slide I’ve ev-er seeen!”
“Wanna see big rock”
“That’s the biggest car I’ve ev-er seeen!”
That’s the biggest [insert noun] I’ve ev-er seen!”
“Mommy’s beer”
“Brantley want beer.”
“Look, I see reindeer. Wanna say hi!”
“All…For You..[in best singing voice]”
“Ha! Score on mommy!”
“22 – 48 – 32 – touchdown!”
“Mommy Toot!”
“Daddy Toot”
“Brantley Toot?”
“Marley [the dog] peeing.”
“Marley pooing. See poo!”
“Brantley throw away dirty diaper!”
“Cool Beans!”
“Where did white reindeer go?”
“White reindeer toot?”

Well, you get the point(!)

I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.



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