Recently Brantley has been waking up screaming, not whining, screaming. If I didn’t know better I would think there was someone in his bedroom poking needles under his tiny toenails. After some research I realized that he could, and probably is, having nightmares.

My first reaction was, “What in the world could a 23 month old, well-loved child have to be scared of?” Well, a lot. That dog he plays with everyday could turn on him during a dream; or, his red racecar could start chasing him instead of the other way around.

We all have insecurities, fears and things that simply freak us out. It was eyeopening to realize this applies to my son as well.

Well, then, how do we overcome those fears and insecurities? I’d be a well paid psychologist if I knew, but I can guess. Acknowledgement, I am sure, is an important step. Understanding the root of the fear could be a logical next step. Confronting the fear, assessment of confrontation, etc, etc.

That seems like a lot of work.

I am going to try these steps: listen, love, share and keep moving forward. Can’t see how these steps could lead us down the wrong path.



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