On a recent road trip through Ohio our family saw double rainbows. It was possibly the coolest rainbow experience of my life. They flanked Highway 40, the left rainbow towering high into the grey clouds while the right rainbow arched back into the horizon. We were excited, to say the least. Excitement is contagious.

For the following hour my son screamed in delight “double rainbow. saw double rain-bow!!!!” Now, I know he won’t remember seeing the magical double rainbows nor the silly video his father and I made or the multiple pictures I tweeted. Heck, he may never know what a tweet is.

Lucky for him we have that moment captured – in multiple media formats. What is life if not a string of moments? Some moments are heartbreaking, some are magical, some will dwell in the depth of our hearts forever. Small moments matter, like a single glance from an old friend, a triple kiss from your son, or a double rainbow roadtrip experience.

Today, on my way home from work, I caught a glimpse of the sunset. It was breathtaking. While sitting at a backed-up stoplight I decided that it was my duty to capture that moment, to share that sunset. I drove through 5 parking lots until I found the best overlook, snapped the shot and headed home. It was well worth the 10 minute detour.

My goal for 2012: slow down and capture the moments, for better or for worse. In the end they all serve as complex pieces in our puzzle: I certainly don’t want to leave one out.



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