No album rocks your soul like Rumours. You feel happy, sad, reminiscent, joyful and inspired to dance. I set this album to play and grabbed my scarf, the one necessity you need to rock out to Fleetwood Mac. Brantley grabbed his tambourine and egg shakers, trying to keep time.

While not quite in rhythm, our dancing and tam tapping were wonderful. I love that he enjoys, or at least tolerates, good music. I can’t wait for the day I get to buy Brantley his first real drum set. I will be the mom that says, “yes, I will buy you a drum set. Why don’t you invite your friends over for a jam session?”

Music is just so important for cognitive growth…exposure to different genres, rhythms, artists, key signatures and even vocal styles.

“Songbird” finished side two as Brantley asked to go to bed. Fitting.

Then he threw a football at my face. At least he had good form.



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