When my son latches on to something, he really latches on to it. He commits to the idea of liking the new item/concept/activity. For instance, my son loves pumpkins; he even kisses them. My son also loves sports. Each day he asks us to “turn on TV” to watch “football?” or “hockey?” He has been to a football game and, most recently, a hockey game. He cheers, claps and screams “yeah, hockey!” His unbridled joy of discovering something totally new is inspirational.

His actions beg to question if we, as adults, still embrace new things, new ideas, new discoveries. I asked myself what I had recently discovered or learned that instilled a passion in me. What activity or inanimate object do I love enough to kiss? Shoes? No, too materialistic. A good book? No, that idea is far from novel. I love the moon, moonlight and mountains – hardly new discoveries.

As Brantley continues to teach me patience, I will look for his guidance in embracing organic discoveries. Who knows, we may find them everyday but are too busy to see them.


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