Brantley's first letterBrantley and I took a long walk tonight. It was not long by distance, rather by time. We found short sticks, “biiigg sticks,” rocks, leaves and a sticker. Each time he found an interesting piece of nature he would follow the steps outlined below.

bend down to inspect new item
inventory item
declare item type (ex: “stick!”)
look to “mama” for approval
hand new item to “mama” for safe-keeping. It is a long process.

On our way back up the hill he began saying “all board,” again and again, “all board!” Finally he said, “all board, cho cho train.” It was then that I realized we had transitioned from nature to transportation, the other favorite subject.

When we returned home, exhausted from the 1/2 mile hike and extensive nature hunting, he grabbed his chalk and drew the image above; then he declared “M.” That was a proud moment, his first written letter.

The few hours I spend with Brantley each weekday are precious, and I cherish every single moment. He notices things we, as adults, still should. He finds joy in the simplest things that we, as adults, are still capable of doing yet ignore.

Tomorrow I promise to look at the clouds, to see if I can find one shaped like an “M.”


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