Oftentimes the bureaucracy of working for a state institution gets to me. Yet, when I open my front door at 5:30 PM each and every day, I am greeted with the same response.

“Mama? Mama? Mama! Mama, mama, mama!” as Brantley climbs up one lone step and runs down the hallway towards me. His arms are outstretched for a brief, yet heartfelt, hug.

Sometimes he wants to show me something, his favorite toy of the day or a cool rock or his plastic bowl design (see above). Other days he wants to go “outside?” Either way, his organic joy and truthful desire to see me makes everything else fade away.

I realize that, one day, he will no longer rush to see me, that other people and things will fill his life. Yet, for now, I relish the moment I come home from work and get to see his smiling face. I know that when I ask him what he wants for dinner, he will reply with “cookie? an-i-mal cookie?”

Unfiltered honesty, refreshing.



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